GamePulse surfaces EEDAR’s comprehensive database in a powerful and user-friendly business intelligence tool.

GamePulse is a continuously updated, highly accessible web portal designed to provide immediate access to critical statistics and offer powerful tools for exploring market trends.

Adopted by most of the top video game companies around the world, GamePulse delivers the most accurate and up-to-date industry information and business intelligence on the market.

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Comprehensive Product Data

With information on every console game product released since 2000, every PC game since 2006, and support for mobile and online/social titles, GamePulse keeps you abreast of the entire landscape of the video game industry.

GamePulse surfaces hundreds of unique facts per product that are collected directly by EEDAR’s research team and tightly integrated with data from other leading data providers.

Rich Data Partnerships

EEDAR is always engaging in discussions with leading data providers throughout the interactive entertainment industry to find ways to increase the utility and value of their data for our mutual clients.

GamePulse is the only service available that aligns data from such a wide range of vendors to provide near-instant cross-data analysis, segmentation and reporting.

EEDAR continues to work with publishers and research providers to integrate new data sets as they become viable.

Flexible Data Views and Export Options

GamePulse is designed to meet the day-to-day needs of many different roles in an organization.

A wide variety of roll-up and drill-down options exist throughout the application to provide the appropriate level of detail for your research needs.

GamePulse also enables users to easily export beautiful, high-resolution charts, pivot-ready Excel data files, and printable PDFs.

Continuously Updated

GamePulse is automatically updated with the latest information from EEDAR and integrated partners on a daily basis.

In addition, GamePulse uses advanced data management systems to support the automatic ingestion and processing of internal data (for example, pre-orders or digital game/DLC sales) and can be scheduled to run in accordance with your organizational requirements.

Retail and Digital Promotion Monitoring through EEDAR RetailTracker

RetailTracker offers a rich suite of tools to analyze the channel activity of internal or competitor titles and retailer inventory usage.

Monitoring over 13 different physical and digital promotion locations and 15 unique promotion types, RetailTracker allows for accurate segmentation and analysis of each retailer’s inventory allocation and individual title promotion strategies.

With historical data since 2009, RetailTracker has captured detailed insights on more than 75,000 promotions to date.

Custom Data Integration Available

EEDAR's rich internal meta-data can be merged seamlessly with your data transformation requirements to dramatically increase the segmentation possible for business intelligence and financial reporting purposes through GamePulse.

Click here for more information on EEDAR’s Managed Services product.

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