EEDAR Insights & Analytics

EEDAR’s Insights services combine the power of the EEDAR database with industry expertise to answer market-level or game-level research questions.

Our Approach

Two philosophies drive our business approach:

A sophisticated market needs sophisticated research. We leverage as much market data, consumer data, and diverse industry expertise as possible to answer a client’s research question(s).

Great research is a relationship. We treat each project as a client-focused consulting project, with an emphasis on as much in-person and phone communication as possible during project kickoff, completion, and handoff.

Products & Services

Our product line is structured to answer critical research questions at different stages throughout the development cycle, either through custom reports or a product lifecycle package.

Our products provide a framework for customized research – every report we create is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Consumer Insights

Surveys and Focus Groups that combine strong, multidisciplinary methodological expertise with robust data and comprehensive industry knowledge. Download Fact Sheet

Market Analysis

Syndicated and Custom reports evaluate opportunity, market leaders, and trends within a specific market. Download EEDAR’s Free Reports

Concept Analysis

Evaluates a game’s concepts, market viability, and revenue potential based on market size, current market leaders, market fit, and target consumer profile.


Physical and digital product forecasting leverages the largest game feature database in the industry and the newest big data analytic techniques.

Qualitative Insights

Mock Previews, Mock Reviews and Game Evaluations that leverage reviewer expertise and the power of quantitative data.

Business Model Analysis

Provides direct, accurate and actionable information on how to improve the key performance indicators (KPIs) for a game as a service (GaaS) product.

Launch and Post-Launch Custom Analysis

Leverages EEDAR data and expertise to answer custom research questions regarding a product’s development, marketing, launch, and update strategy.

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