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The Year Ahead: 2017 Predictions from NPD's Mat Piscatella

With 2016 behind us, it’s time to look ahead: NPD’s new Industry Analyst, Mat Piscatella, provided us with his predictions for 2017. Mat has a long history in games before joining NPD, having held... Read More

Out in the Wild: Pokemon Go’s got legs, but does it know how to use them?

No matter how you look at it, Pokemon Go’s been a phenomenal success for Nintendo that shows “Nintendo Magic” may be platform-agnostic. After shooting past both Supercell and Machine Zone to seize... Read More

EEDAR Insights @ GDC16

GDC is always an exciting time for the industry, and by extension, for EEDAR. Developers, publishers, and games professionals from all over the world descend on San Francisco to talk about the future... Read More

Premium mobile games have yet to find breakout success

99.9% of US Mobile Gaming Revenue is driven by Games under $10 Last week saw the high profile release of the Take Two Strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Within, at the relatively high price point of $12.99.... Read More

Platform, Not Gender, Drives Gamer Differences

Historically, video games have been marketed primarily to male players – but gaming has never been a monolithic entity. The vibrancy and variety of experiences offered by the global industry is one... Read More

EEDAR presents at Casual Connect 2014 on Strategic Mobile Game Development

 Patrick Walker, EEDAR's VP of Insights and Analytics, appeared at Casual Connect 2014 to talk about how to leverage genre in the mobile games space. The talk is embedded below.    
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