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How Valve’s Evolving Content Strategy Keeps Dota 2’s Prize Pool Growing, Year after Year

The International, the biggest annual tournament hosted by Valve for their MOBA, Dota 2, holds the distinction of the largest prize pool in esports history four years running. Since 2014, The... Read More

Predicting the MOBA landscape in 2016

  It’s been nearly six years since League of Legends launched in North America, altering the landscape of the video game industry while ushering in a subgenre that has exploded in popularity. Today... Read More

MOBAs Will Overtake MMORPGs in F2P Revenue in 2015

The F2P business model, with its wildly successful market leaders, offers an alluring proposition to many developers. Firstly, the upside is tremendous: F2P allows for an unparalleled audience size,... Read More

Dota 2 Tops 40 Million Owners Worldwide

The much-publicized rapid growth in Steam over the past year has coincided with an equally rapid growth in the platform’s flagship title, Dota 2.  However, despite this rapid growth in players, the... Read More

Twitch Rankings: 5 Key Takeaways for the Industry

Founded in 2011, Twitch is rapidly becoming one of the more important marketing channels in the video game industry. The site draws roughly 60 million fans every month to watch on-demand and live... Read More
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