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Console Storefront Advertising Volume Grows 35% in 2014

Since 2010, EEDAR has tracked advertisement activity for games at retailers. While these have historically been focused on physical media at physical retailers (i.e. large game posters in retailer... Read More

Three Takeaways from an Analysis of The EEDAR Game Review Database

During the course of a video game review, reviewers critique a broad array of game design factors: from the main character’s clothes to the extensiveness of player agency and choice within a story.... Read More

The Data is In, and your Review Score Still Matters

The past several years have seen significant change in the games industry; everything from who plays games to how and where those games are paid for and consumed has been shifting and diversifying.  ... Read More

Platform, Not Gender, Drives Gamer Differences

Historically, video games have been marketed primarily to male players – but gaming has never been a monolithic entity. The vibrancy and variety of experiences offered by the global industry is one... Read More

Interview: EEDAR believes game scores still matter - and always will

The videogame website VGRHQ interviewed Patrick Walker, EEDAR VP of Insights and Analytics, on the role game reviews and critic scores play in game sales.     VGRHQ: How big of a role do review... Read More
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