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How Valve’s Evolving Content Strategy Keeps Dota 2’s Prize Pool Growing, Year after Year

The International, the biggest annual tournament hosted by Valve for their MOBA, Dota 2, holds the distinction of the largest prize pool in esports history four years running. Since 2014, The... Read More

Disney’s Exit from Toys to Life isn't Another "Death of the Music Genre"

Rumors of Toys to Life's passing have been greatly exaggerated. Disney’s announcement on Wednesday that the company is cancelling Disney Infinity has led many in the industry to question if this... Read More

EEDAR Insights @ GDC16

GDC is always an exciting time for the industry, and by extension, for EEDAR. Developers, publishers, and games professionals from all over the world descend on San Francisco to talk about the future... Read More

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is exploding: 5 Reasons Why

Although Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been continuously growing since its August 2012 release, it was not until late 2014, more than two years post-launch, that the title really started to... Read More

Dota 2 Tops 40 Million Owners Worldwide

The much-publicized rapid growth in Steam over the past year has coincided with an equally rapid growth in the platform’s flagship title, Dota 2.  However, despite this rapid growth in players, the... Read More

Premium mobile games have yet to find breakout success

99.9% of US Mobile Gaming Revenue is driven by Games under $10 Last week saw the high profile release of the Take Two Strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Within, at the relatively high price point of $12.99.... Read More

Steam Early Access popularity growing, but only 25% have released as a full game

The success of several Early Access titles like Day Z, Prison Architect, Kerbal Space Program, and Planetary Annihilation has raised the profile of Steam’s Early Access program to the point that the... Read More

EEDAR presents at Casual Connect 2014 on Strategic Mobile Game Development

 Patrick Walker, EEDAR's VP of Insights and Analytics, appeared at Casual Connect 2014 to talk about how to leverage genre in the mobile games space. The talk is embedded below.    
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