EEDAR offers both data-driven and consumer-driven, quantitative and qualitative custom research services, in addition to EEDAR’s DesignMetrics, which offers a range of per-title sales forecasting and analysis services.

With the lowest starting costs and fastest turn-around times in the video game industry, EEDAR can exceed your expectations in all custom research and forecasting projects.

Custom Research & Forecasting

EEDAR's mock review services provide an objective examination of how your product will be received by professional critics while data driven bias analysis assists with outlet strategy.

EEDAR also operates the only video-game specific clipping service measuring equivalency, reach and quality of coverage.

Mock Reviews & Editorial Insights

With more than 100 years of combined analyst experience and the world's largest database of video game facts and information, EEDAR provides a range of services tailored to the unique needs of the investment and legal professions.

Investment & Legal Services

In use by over 90% of the top 20 global publishers, GamePulse is the video game industry's most adopted business intelligence platform.

EEDAR operates custom consolidation and ETL services to assist with the complex data management requirements the modern game industry demands.

Business Intelligence & Dashboards

EEDAR provides the most comprehensive services in the industry for meta-data feeds, product discovery and recommendations.

Discovery & Data Feeds

With over 20,000 of the top selling mobile, tablet, and social games analyzed, EEDAR is able to provide in-depth analysis and forecasts to improve key performance metrics, including Average Revenue Per User, Conversion Rates, and Retention Rates. All before a product is live in a market.

EEDAR’s Quantitative and Qualitative products provide clients with detailed and actionable advice from both an art and science perspective.

Mobile, Tablet & Social

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